Articles for November 2015


#Victory_is_inevitableThe Genesis account on creation makes it abundantly clear that man was meant to rule over the earth and everything therein.  And although satan interfered, the Holy mandate has never changed. In fact the reason for Salvation was to redeem man from the wrath incurred because of the fall and graciously set him back on trek with the program of dominion.

The challenge that now remains is to alert the heirs of God’s incredible provision of the ploy by the powers of darkness to delay, derail and if possible deny them of their great life and destiny.  And since every man under the sun has a best before date, the mission to inform and inspire is all the more urgent. We must go to the highways and the byways and with enthusiasm and skill share of the Love that restores.

The Lord loves His people. The price paid can never go to waste.  The Blood speaks and the resistant  forces of evil must bow.  Great victories await. Holy Spirit is delighted to energize and direct all who are willing.  The promise is sure. The time is now. The rewards are eternal.  We dare not miss our moment!  March on! Destiny calls.