When flying often the captain from the flight deck will announce that we are flying 33 000 feet or 37 000 or even 40 000 feet above see level.


The interesting thing is that from on top there it looks the same 33 37 or 40
It’s just high!
But when flying the captain is aware of a few things
The best level at which to fly
They can tell through their instruments that there is an area where the storm is brewing and at what level.  They can tell where the clouds are low.   They are able then to fly high above the level of the storm and save the passengers the uncomfortable inconvenience of potholes in the air called “turbulence”


When we pray we rise to higher levels in the Spirit. Often the levels “feel” not so different.  After praying for three hours one may feel like they did after an hour of the same.   But although it may Feel the same the truth is simply that the levels are not!   There are many storms that one will fly past and not even realize just how turbulent some areas could have been.


So fly higher.  Keep the levels that help you cruise past the airy traps.   Scripture is clear that these are perilous times.   But we need not fear or be faint hearted.

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